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      Date: Aug 12, 2006
     Title: New song posted in the Flightless Fancy Project

A new song, "Free" is posted in the "Flightless Fancy" project

Free was originally concieved almost 2 years ago, and like most of the music posted here, it began as a collection of guitar riffs recorded 'free style' during a single session. I had just begun with experimenting with looping audio tracks and was laying down some guitar riffs that I could later cut up and loop.   From this experimentation, I culled the strongest segments of the recording and structured them into loops or fixed passages.  The resulting construction is an atypical A-B-C-B-M-C-A-M2-D structure that I think flows well despite its complexity.  Further develop of the song waxed and waned through 2004-6 as I struggled with the more difficult lyrics and chorus vocal (difficult at least for me). Free is written along a progressive rock line for 4 instruments (guitar, bass, drums and vocals)  drawing inspiration from other progressive rock bands like Yes, Kansas, Dreamtheater.

The tonality of this song starts with a typical ST&E sound utilizing guitar tones, bass and drums that I've used in other ST&E songs (Ordinary girl, Mary's Secret Life).  However; the last segment is strongly reminiscent of early Yes.   This was more of an accident than intentional, but as I listened to the segment, I decided to further emphasize the Steve Howe influenced guitar and the Squire-esque bass in the final mixdown. 

The song lyrically explores the emotional confusion and second guessing that comes when your life course hasn't changed in many years. Although you remained steadfast, you finally have had enough. Emotion spills out through the cracks of your self-controlled veneer.   'Free' tries to mop up and bottle a little of that emotion left on the floor.

'Free' was written, performed, recorded, and produced by {cms_selflink page='33' text='S.R. Tomassetti'} using Sonar 3/4/5.  Guitar is a Ibanez Les Paul ('74), bass is a Dean both recorded through a Line6 pod using customized tone settings. Drums are a generic sound font  kit

Feel 'Free' to download and share 'Free

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