Use Policy

so why do we care?

here is music that doesn't cost anything.  anyone can freely enjoy it.  but the music here is not free.  its not open source.  its not creative commons.

so what does that mean?

in a nutshell, ST&E provides the material presented on this web site free for non-commercial, private use.  individuals and organizations may freely distribute, copy, or perform publicly or privately ST&E's music on a non-commercial basis.  the music or materials found on this web site may not be used for fee based play, use, distribution, or performance without the express written consent of steve tomassetti.  the music may not be used in part or in whole in any other work without the express written consent of steve tomassetti.   ST&E retains all rights and ownership of the content presented on this web site, unless otherwise indicated.

so play it, distribute it, copy it, share it, and above all, listen and enjoy it.

just don't sell it with out checking in with us!

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